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About Tenet Wealth Partners

Tenet Wealth Partners Is A Next-Generation Wealth Advisory & Financial Planning Firm Based in Champaign, IL

Tenet Wealth Partners works exclusively with individuals, families, and institutions, from the emerging affluent to multigenerational families as well as retirement plans and nonprofits. Our team of experienced financial advisors and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals partner with clients for all of their financial planning and investment management needs.  Independent and privately-owned, we have the freedom and flexibility to offer our clients a truly personalized experience, guiding them through every phase of life.

Founded in 2021, our firm was born out of the desire to cultivate an immersive partnership with our clients, encompassing all areas of their unique financial situation.

Through our innovative yet simplified approach, we focus on generating measurable value beyond the portfolio through integrated financial planning while empowering our clients to pursue their goals.

Our dedication to clients is unwavering, and we passionately believe in aligning our clients’ financial resources with their priorities and goals.

We advocate for our clients by providing a full suite of family-oriented services through an integrated and innovative approach. By simplifying their financial lives, our goal is to instill confidence as well as a sense of comfort.


Our Mission is to deliver a unified, all-encompassing wealth advisory solution that integrates all areas of your financial life – providing you with convenience, confidence and peace of mind.



Our duty as stewards goes above and beyond being a fiduciary, committing ourselves to moral, ethical and prudent decision-making for our clients.

Our standard of care is deeply rooted in prioritizing our clients’ needs and goals.


As advisors, we have a responsibility to not only react to our clients’ needs, but to proactively communicate and deliver an incredible experience overall.

We are committed to service of the highest tier, without exception.


Our clients can all expect the personal attention of a dedicated team of skilled wealth advisors, serving as a trusted advocate and confidant for all areas of their financial life.


Financial planning is an essential process and a paramount component of our duty as financial stewards.

A cohesive, comprehensive financial plan synthesizes tailored, goal-based strategies, enabling clients to make better decisions, monitor progress towards their goals, and provide long-term peace of mind.


Our clients’ financial lives are multi-faceted, resulting in the need for an integrated, total approach.

We utilize sophisticated technology to integrate solutions that support and complement the varied aspects of your wealth management needs.


The pursuit of financial value should be relentless, and we strive constantly to identify multiple areas of financial gain for our clients.
Because investment portfolios are not the sole driver of financial rewards, we seek to identify measurable value beyond investment returns for optimal success and goal attainment.


As an independent firm, Tenet Wealth Partners works in an open architecture, which allows us to access an unlimited range of investment products and solutions. We have partnered with industry leaders to provide our clients with high quality services and investment solutions.

Our world-class custodian for safeguarding our clients’ assets, BNY Mellon has over $2 trillion in global client assets under custody. Pershing itself custodies $820 billion in fiduciary assets.

$25 billion RIA based in Indianapolis, provides Tenet with operational, compliance, practice management, investment, and planning support for growing and managing our practice.

Innovative financial planning platform and client portal allowing clients to view their entire financial life and plan in one place.

Powerful and intuitive investment platform delivering best-in-class performance reporting and portfolio management solutions.

 We invite you to contact us to learn how we can help you build greater value into your financial situation.