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Meet The Tenet Wealth Partners Team

Fiduciary Financial Advisors Based in Champaign, IL

Tenet Wealth Partners is led by an independent, local team of experienced financial planners and wealth advisors, skilled at custom tailoring cohesive solutions designed to achieve the financial success of our clients.

Community Stewardship

Personalized Donor Funds

Serving and supporting our community is of paramount importance to our firm and our clients. For our clients, we guide their philanthropic plans and missions through the use of personalized Donor Advised Funds. These funds allow for our clients to preserve their legacy through the support of charities where there is a deep, personal connection.

Tenet Charitable Giving

Tenet Wealth Partners is committed to supporting the local community and giving back both in time and capital. As an organization, we will devote a portion of our annual budget to support local, charitable causes, and we will pledge our time serving in multiple capacities. We strongly believe in our responsibility to promote and aid the community in as many ways as we can.

 We invite you to contact us to learn how we can help you build greater value into your financial situation.