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Insurance can be a great way to protect your loved ones. What is the right amount of life insurance and long-term care insurance for my needs? How long will I need the coverage? What type of coverage is appropriate for me?

Life Insurance and Long-Term Care Planning in Champaign, IL

These questions, as well as many others, are what we can help you navigate through with proper planning. Determining the appropriate amount of coverage can be difficult as you don’t want to pay for too much, but also don’t want to be under protected either.

We do not look at life and long-term care insurance planning in a bubble. It’s important to make these decisions by reviewing your entire situation to see how these pieces of the puzzle fit appropriately.

We can guide you through this process to make sure the right coverage is chosen for you and your family to cover income, debts, or other expenses for your specific situation.


  • Needs Assessment and Analysis
  • Current Policy Review
  • Estate Liquidity Strategies
  • Asset Protection
  • Business Succession Planning

 We invite you to contact us to learn how we can help you build greater value into your financial situation.